World Cup Silver!

When I first embarked on my Olympic journey I was warned that the high’s would be high and the low’s would be low, but I never expected the rollercoaster to be quite so crazy. As many of you know I have struggled for the last couple of years with injuries, and most recently had much of my training sidelined. It was really hard showing up at a regatta knowing that I wasn’t prepared to race at the level needed to win. I would set daily goals to work on things, and the results, well, were less than memorable. I knew that I was still making progress, my support team knew I was making progress, and I’m sure those on the outside were thinking that I was moving in the wrong direction. The Olympic test event came and went with disappointing results and more frustrating moments on the race course, but I knew that I had to keep moving forward. When I got back to Vancouver I continued my training and for the first time in what felt like forever I was comfortable sailing the boat. I knew where to put my body, and I trusted that no matter what variables I would encounter, my body was once again strong enough to standup to the test. The World Cup race in China was my opportunity to put it all together on a race course, and I did exactly that. All of my handwork over the last year and a half was rewarded with a silver medal.

My body is healthy, my mind is healthy, and despite the rough patches, I still love sailing more than anything else. The world championships are three weeks away, and I’m really excited to race.