Tacking on the shifts, and learning to breakaway.

2008 to 2016: Pack luggage, board plane, arrive at accommodation, rig boat, sail, gym, eat, sleep, sail, gym, eat, sleep, repeat, race, train, race, fly home, rest, repeat.

Sometimes routine leads to clarity and stability, and sometimes you just have to throw away the day planner and take life as it comes, and that is exactly what I’ve done.

My last 365 days: Get married, go road biking, ride my first fondo, race j70’s, keep biking, sail my laser, graduate from the Sauder School of Business, start a career in Venture Capital at Relentless Pursuit Partners, race my first bike race, win my first bike race, return to Olympic sailing at the Delta Lloyd Regatta, remember how to win a sailboat race, race road bike nationals…and awake the next day ready for another adventure.

The last 365 days have been life altering, and I am a different person today than I was a year ago. I’ve found balance, and a state of calm. I’ve learned that sailing is my yin and biking is my yang.

Sailing is my first love, and my state of calm. The water against my skin, the art of interacting with the boat as it is guided by the wind and the waves, and the slowing of time as tactical decisions are made on how to arrive at the next mark before the other boats. There is a strange silence when you sail a boat by yourself, a comforting silence to me. Life’s troubles are left on shore, and for the next few moments of time it is just you, the boat, the wind and the water.

Biking is a new love, sometimes a state of calm, and sometimes the mental game of finding a state of calm while flying around a corner amongst a pack of other bikes. It is a constant battle of telling my legs to stop hurting while playing a game of speed chess with your bike among the other bikes to be in the right spot to cross the finish line first. It is fast, exciting, unpredictable, and always challenging.

While at first glance these two sports may seem unique to one another, in reality, they are both a challenging game of pushing your body to it’s limit while your brain attempts to slow time, a game I am yet to master to a level I am satisfied with.

I live to compete, and I compete to win. No matter the sport, or opportunity, I strive to be the best.

I have found my balance, a state that allows me to process fact from fiction, and compete.

In May I sailed some of the best sailboat races of recent years, showing I was back and hungry to compete at the World Championships later this year. I processed each race while riding my road bike through dutch fields.

In June I raced my first road bike nationals, finishing in the peloton of the road race (30th overall), and 35th in the individual time trial. A good first attempt, leaving me hungry for more. I processed the week of racing in Ottawa from the waters of English Bay sailing my laser.

In July I will race BC Super Week with clear goals for each race. In August I will race the Laser Radial World Championships.

Today I am the best version of myself, with sailing as my yin and biking as my yang.